Florence Schmidt, ACCW President 2015-2017
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Florence Schmidt, ACCW President 2015-2017

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The Data Center for Disease Control stated that in the year 2014, there were 686 deaths “by” suicide in Minnesota.  That was more than six times the number of homicides in our state.  Please pray for those who die from suicide and their families.  Also talk about suicide so there is less stigma identified with it and  those who are prone to this disease get diagnosed in the  early stages of this disease.   Pray that more dollars be provided for this disease and that the stigma continues to decrease and our loved ones receive help to live a full life. 

Domestic Violence


Summer is a time to play but not delay!


By Kathy Bonner

Summer is the perfect time to plan your upcoming council year. October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month. Having your event during this month helps connect with the community.