LEADERSHIP - Organization Commission

Resolutions from 2018 ACCW Convention:
:  To encourage Archdiocesan Council of Catholic Women (ACCW) members to participate in mentorship programs at all levels of Council.  Whereas, The National Council of Catholic Women (NCCW) encourages the utilization of a mentoring program at all levels of the organization; and Whereas, A mentorship program will advance the ACCW Mission, educate women about Council, and empower them to serve as leaders; Resolved, That the ACCW actively recruit mentor and mentees to participate in a mentorship program guided by the NCCW document Mentoring:  Women Embracing Women;  and Resolved, that the ACCW encourage its members to learn about mentoring and to actively engage in a one-o-one mentorship program at all levels of Council. 


Membership, Communications, Communications, On the Road, Historian, and Promotional Displays

The Organization Commission serves to strengthen and assist the entire organization in communicating their concerns and furthering the development of leadership among women through: ACCW’s. 

Chair: Lucy Johnson 651-224-7102

Membership: Deanery Presidents

Communications: Mary Jo Sherwood

Historian: Judy Beaudry

On the Road:  Laurie Otte, Mickey Nickelson, Denise Haaland and Lucy Johnson

Promotional Displays: Elaine Monitor 651-429-2944


Spiritual Advisor: Father Dave Kohner  frkohner@comcast.net  651-257-2474 x31

President: Debbie Keller 612-801-0510

Immediate Past President: Florence Schmidt  651-484-8670

1st Vice President: Judy Beaudry 763-497-4344

2nd Vice President: Betty Berge 507-332-8796

Recording Secretary: Laurie Otte 507-663-0512

Treasurer: Karen Vanney 651-291-4545

Parliamentarian: Pat Reymann - 651-291-4545


IMAGE: Carol Shukle

Appalachia: Olive Hupf

Office: Jane Rosner

Mental Illness Paryer Connection: Rose Anne & Anne Hallgren

ACCW Membership Committee

This is a new committee appointed by the ACCW President to assist Deanery and parish CCWs in promoting membership, in encouraging and forming membership committees, and in addressingmembership concerns.Parish affiliates and Individual Members are invited to call the ACCW Office with questions or for more information.

If any of the above Commission members can be of help to you, call the above numbers, or the ACCW Office (651) 291-4545  ACCW@archspm.org. Leave your contact information and your call or e-mail will be answered at our earliest convenience.

ACCW “On the Road” Leadership Training Program

This program was initiated in 2011 in an effort to aid deanery and parish CCW organizations that are experiencing difficulties. The “On the Road” Leadership Team will travel to any deanery or parish CCW organization to provide direction and training in the areas of membership recruitment and retention, as well as leadership development. If you would like to have more information on the program or would like to make arrangements to have the “On the Road” Leadership Training Program at your deanery or parish organization, please contact the ACCW Office at 651-291-4545.