SERVICE - Community Concerns Commission


The purpose of the Community Concerns Commission (CCC) is to promote programs that respond with Gospel values to the needs of society using the Corporal Works of Mercy, and the USCCB’s using themes of Catholic Social Teaching as a guide. Additionally, the CCC strives to increase awareness of human rights, justice and basic needs in the areas of Physical/Mental Health, Our Lady of Peace Home, Prison Ministry and Environmental Concerns.


Chair: Mickey Nickelson

(Resource) Physical/Mental Health (for all ages): Rose Anne Hallgren 651-698-0497

Our Lady of Peace  Home: Kathy Halverson

Environmental Concerns (rural life, conserve, safety): 

Dignity and Vocation of Commission  Madonna Russo

Domestic Violence: Marge Sehnert


Mental Illness is shrouded in “stigma”  Why? Perhaps it is because it is sensationalized in our media. Get educated about mental illness and stigma diminishes.  The best resource of information about Mental Illness is from National Alliance on Mental Illness ( NAMI ) of Minnesota at or 1-888-626-4435.

Mental illness is one of the most treatable diseases we can encounter in life.  Yet approximately 80% of people with depressive disorders go untreated.  Take that first step to get help.  Contact NAMI or get the PBS documentary, “Out of the Shadows”.  The presentation discusses how people of diverse backgrounds and degrees of this illness received help so they could enjoy life with self esteem and without loneliness and fear. (I got my copy through Netflix – be sure to get the PBS one)

Call 651-290-1636 to request prayers for yourself or someone you love who is suffering from the throes of mental illness. This number can be called 24 hours a day and seven days a week.


Rose Anne Hallgren,  Physical/Mental Health V.C.

Prayer for Those With Physical or Mental Illness

Oh Jesus you appreciate my fears, peculiarities and dreams.
You feel my loneliness, and my pain from taunts or neglect.
For you suffered for us and you suffer with us.
You offer hope and rewards in heaven, but no instant fixes.
Sometimes Jesus I am so happy I cry tears of endearment.
But many times I am so depressed and alone, I cry tears of endurance.
Please help me Jesus to cope with my daily burdens until
I obtain the grace & strength to live my life you so graciously gave to me.
Help me to embrace your love and guidance.

Thank You, Jesus.


I have just watched “ a DVD from Netflix about mental illness and I recommend that you view it also.  It is uplifting, informative, professionally produced and worth your time to watch.  It is less than 30 minutes and titled “Shadow Voices, Finding Hope in Mental Illness”  ---You can also access it at
Let me know what you think of it.  Rose Anne Hallgren, Physical/Mental Health V.C.