SERVICE - International Concerns Commission

2018 ACCW Convention Resolutions:

Purpose:  To support the dormitory project of our Council counterparts in Africa.  Whereas, The Archdiocese of St. Paul and Minneapolis entered into a Solidarity Partnership with the Catholic Diocese of Kitui, Kenya, in 2004 in order to build relationships, share resources, and strengthen Faith; and Whereas, Relationships were built through delegation visits in which there were opportunities to experience each other’s culture, witness each other’s hardship, and celebrate each other’s joy;

Resolved, That Archdiocesan Council of Catholic Women (ACCW) members support the efforts of our African sisters in the Catholic Women Association (CWA) of Kitui, Kenya; and Resolved, That ACCW members contribute to a campaign to help raise funds for the completion of Phase 2 of the CWA Kitui dormitory project. 


Chair: Marcia Simon

Works of Peace/ World Peace: open

Foreign Missions:  Mary Androli 507-362-4655

(Resource) Domestic Missions: Olive Hupf - 1-507-263-2705

Ethnic Understanding:  Jennifer Varela


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