Southwest Deanery

Mission Event Flyer October 26, 2017  Click Here

Spiritual Advisor: Michael Ince – Most Holy Trinity of Waterville and St. Andrew Of Elysian

President: Doreen Hogan,   507-357-6443
Home Parish: St. Mary - LeCenter

Vice President:  Georgine Gansen  
Home Parish:  Our Lady of the Prairie, Belle Plaine

Secretary: Colleen Hogan
Home Parish: St. Mary - LeCenter

Treasurer: Marion Hertaus  
Home Parish: St. Nicholas, New Market

Auditor: Andrea Jewison  
Home Parish: Most Holy Trinity, Waterville

Parliamentarian: Betty Berge  
Home Parish: Divine Mercy, Faribault

Historian: Joleen Hogan
Home Parish: St. Mary - LeCenter

Organization Commission Chair: Georgine Gansen
Home Parish: Our Lady of the Prairie, Belle Plaine

Legislation Commission Chair: Gina Haaland
Home Parish: St. Patrick of Shieldsville

Church Commission Chair: Madonna Russo
Home Parish: St. Mary - LeCenter

Family Concerns Commission Chair: Mary Nytes  
Home Parish: Western CAtholic community, Union Hill

Community Commissions Chair: Mary Androli 
Home Parish: St. Andrew, Elysian

International Concerns Commission Chair: Denise Haaland and Tracy Velishek
Home Parish: St. Patrick of Shieldsville

Newsletter:  Geri Mages 
Parish: St. Patrick, Cedar lake

Upcoming Events

Deanery President's Supper
Location:Divine Mercy - Faribault
Date and Time: July 11, 2017   6:00 PM Mass

Deanery Baord Meeting
Location:St. Patrick-Shieldsville
Date and Time: August 16, 2017

Fall Institute: 
Location: St. Dominic - Northfield
Date and Time: September 28, 2017

Mission Event 
Location:  St. Anne, LeSeuer  
Date and Time:  October 26, 2017  6:00 PM


SW Deanery Board Meeting:
: Immaculate Conception - Lonsdale
Date and Time: February 8, 2018  6:30 PM

Spiritual Day:
Location: St. Mary, LeCenter
Date and Time: March 3, 2018  8 AM-1 PM

Open Meeting: 
Location: St. Andrews Elysian 
Date and Time: April 12, 2018 6:30 PM

Clergy Appreciation Dinner
Wednesday, May 23
St. Patrick, Shieldsville