ACCW Board

Top Row Back - Left to right:  Lucy Johnson, Judy Beaudry, Laurie Otte, Pat Reymann, Mary Androli, Madonna Russo, Susan Keeney, Agnes Dynes, Maureen Willenbring, Jean Buchmann, Cindy Prior, Jo Petron, Beth Minogue, Denise Haaland, Lenore Peine, Liz Houctt, Susan Nasseff, Elaine Monitor, Mary Jo Sherwood, Rose Anne Hallgren, Joan McGrath, Theresa Cermak, Joellyn Soler, Debbie Keller

Bottom Row- Left to right: Florence Schmidt, Cathy Evans, Lucy Baumbach, Carol Rusinko, Jane Rosner, Marcia Simon, Father David Kohner

Absent: Carol Shukle, Corinne Cavanagh, Betty Berge, Marge Sehnert, Colleen Todd, Stella Lundquist, Mary Alice Hargarten, Shirley Willenbring, Justine Grow, Olive Hupf, Jannie Seibure, and Beatriz Lopez