Our Mission:


We provide Catholic women the tools to become strong leaders, faithful witnesses, and sound, moral citizens in the church and modern society.


Who We Are

The St. Paul and Minneapolis Archdiocesan Council of Catholic Women (ACCW) unites women of this Archdiocese with news, information, programming, networking, and support under the umbrella of the ACCW and the National Council of Catholic Women (NCCW). We present a unified voice for all Catholic Women to support, empower, and educate women in their spirituality, leadership, and service to Christ, His Church, and modern society.

ACCW provide women with a voice for their Catholic Faith.
— Cindy

Our Impact

ACCW will enrich your spirituality, bond you with women of faith, provide opportunities to develop leadership skills, and serve your community. We provide a channel for your voice to be heard.




2,660 recorded Council of Catholic Women members within the Archdiocese of St. Paul and Minneapolis.




Archdiocesan parishes including 89 affiliated councils.



funds accrued

Over $25,000 received from Catholic Services Appeal. An additional $14,840 collected from CCW for Madonna Fund, and $11,000 for the Kitui, Kenya women’s dormitory.



ACCW is guided by a Board of Directors and is comprised of six commissions under the areas of Leadership, Spirituality, and Service.



The Organization Commission serves to strengthen and assist the entire organization in communicating their concerns and furthering the development of leadership among women through training and mentoring.


The Legislation Commission works to educate members on legislative issues and encourages advocacy on local, state, and national levels, in accordance with Catholic social teachings.


The Church Commission aims to create an educated and dynamic community of God’s people through programs of study, prayer, worship and action.


The Family Concerns Commission works to assist members in achieving truly Christian family living, in order to preserve Christian principles in areas pertaining to the welfare of all families.


The Community Commission aims to increase awareness of human rights, basic needs and justice within communities.


The International Concerns Commission that strives to meet the needs of people universally, in creating a conviction of responsibilities for the international society to alleviate suffering brought on by poverty, injustice and oppression.


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